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With our advanced AI & machine learning platform you'll continuously unify & enrich customer data, in real-time, to perform deep analysis and derive the dynamic propensity and segmentation insights you need to drive individualized, highly-effective promotions & campaigns. 


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"We can treat all our customers as known individuals across all channels to better meet their needs & do more business with more people for longer than we did before."

Vice President- WW Marketing Operations - Top 5 High Tech Company

"Nobody else is truly doing Omni-channel customer analytics with this degree of sophistication, while leveraging ALL our customer data with excellent accuracy and predictions. And we're just getting started."

Vice President Digital - Leading Omni-channel Retailer

Δ APIs & built-in connectors enable quick and easy integrations to 100s of data sources

Δ Advanced AI-methods continuously identify, unify, cleanse and enrich your data - in near-real-time - with minimal human intervention

Δ Deep learning driven analytics use intent and behavior data to analyze thousands of variables, discover patterns and derive high probability propensity and segmentation, at levels beyond human capabilities 

Δ Machine learning continuously improves both customer data and analytics quality, which means that every single day your analytics are getting smarter and more effective, and driving monetization and retention

Δ Integrate with your favorite marketing stack applications & platforms to automatically drive your customer interactions. You don't need to learn any new tools, just harness the power of your self-learning data engines

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