Self-Learning Decision Engine Powering Your Martech

Zylotech is a self-learning customer intelligence platform that ensures
customer profile enrichment, predicts purchases, and brings relevancy-based
recommendations towards unprecedented lift.

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Businesses today are missing customer opportunities due to poor data quality, ad-hoc analytics projects, and time-consuming data processing. Unlike other attempts at creating a single view of your customer, Zylotech’s fully automated customer intelligence platform achieves it. We remove the need for data and resource dependencies, enabling you to build lasting relationships at a scale not humanly possible. No more empty personalization. No more fragmented interactions. No more misunderstanding your customer.


Zylotech is based on the six-part DRIVE-R framework: 
a continuous automated flow of clear, segmented customer data delivery.


Data-LayerData Layer

Zylotech organizes and standardizes your customer profiles, and improves them with vital missing information, connections, behavioral patterns, and insights in near real-time. 
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Analytics Layer

 With artificial intelligence and machine learning behind the platform, you're empowered with dynamic customer intelligence that can be activated in any marketing tool.
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