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Founded by a business savvy, MIT-trained data science, technology, and customer marketing team

Zylotech was founded by an experienced group of data scientists, technologists, and digital marketers to address perhaps the most daunting challenge omni-channel marketers face today: the inability to curate vast amounts of customer data and gain actionable insight, to deliver an effective, personalized customer experienceincreasing sales and customer retention.


AI and Machine Learning to the Rescue 

The team realized that only through automationdriven by AI and machine learningcould this vast and complex customer data be wrangled and analyzed in a timely fashion to finally drive highly personalized, highly impactful customer interactions. The result was Zylotech's award-winning AI-Driven Customer Analytics Platform.

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Working and with major retailers and high tech omni-channel companies, the Zylotech team saw first-hand that: 

  • Traditional Big Data approaches, even with the best data engineers/scientists, were fundamentally unable to deal with the constant, complex stream of omni-channel customer data.

  • Traditional analytics approaches, weren’t designed to make sense of vastly complex omni-channel customer behavior.

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