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Who controls the marketing stack in 2019? The CIO or the CMO

Ariella Brown | 3 minute read

The position of CIO is synonymous with taking charge of the technology in a business. But recent shifts in marketing demands means CMOs may actually be spending more on technology than CIOs. Who’s in charge, and how should organizations set up the defined lines of responsibilities for selecting, implementing and managing the use of these technologies? The key is building a partnership between marketing and IT.

Less common AI terms marketers should know

Janet Wagner | 3 minute read

If you Google “AI terms marketers should know” you’ll find quite a few posts that include many of the same AI terms. Common AI terms include machine learning (ML), algorithm, supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and weak AI. Today we thought we would highlight a few less common, but just as important, AI terms marketers should know.

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What's driving the booming demand for customer analytics

Chuck Leddy | 3 minute read

Forbes recently highlighted the top five B2B marketing trends for 2019. First among these trends is the burgeoning demand for real-time and enriched customer analytics: offering key insights that enable B2B marketers to deliver experiences meeting the individual needs and wants of their customers.

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2019 predictions blog

Abhi Yadav | 1 minute read

5 predictions for customer analytics in 2019.                   

1. AI continues becoming a mainstream technology

Once emergent, AI has become mainstream and will soon be omnipresent.

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Gearing up for B2B marketing in 2019

Ariella Brown | 3 minute read

CIOs at successful B2B companies are planning for a 2019 marketing stack roadmap with a focus on #CustomerTech. That means not just collecting data but using it to address the business needs of their customers to achieve an unprecedented lift in KPIs defined around understanding customer behavior.

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