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Advanced analytics vs. artificial intelligence: How are they different?

Janet Wagner

Many companies today are using advanced analytics to gain insights from multiple sources of data, insights that can be used to make predictions and streamline business processes. The number of companies using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze massive volumes of data is growing at a fast pace. Companies are using AI to find patterns in data and make predictions. Advanced analytics and AI sound like they are the same thing, but these terms are not synonymous. This post highlights some of the similarities and differences between advanced analytics and AI.

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‘Tis the season for what exactly?

Ariella Brown

Here we are in November, and holiday marketing is in full swing already. In fact, some holiday marketing has been in place already since early October, much to the chagrin of those of us who think they should at least let us get through Halloween before decking things out in red and green. While there is some method to the marketing madness, there is much room for improvement, and the key to that is meeting the expectations of your target market.

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Features CIOs should expect in a customer data platform

Janet Wagner

Most enterprises have implemented automation tools in many areas of business including marketing, sales, and data management. And many CIOs are aware of customer data platforms (CDPs) as essential intelligence tools for marketers to activate campaigns towards achieving greater revenue opportunities. In fact, the CDP Institute estimates that CDPs are deployed at more than 2,500 companies, and the CDP industry will reach $1 billion in total revenue by 2019.

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Marketing technology research papers worth checking out

Janet Wagner

We recently published a blog post highlighting how there is a wealth of innovative marketing technology tools available today. Advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and neural networks are being used to power many marketing technology platforms. This blog post highlights a few interesting research papers that outline the use of various technologies for marketing use cases.

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4 ways AI and machine learning enhance the customer experience

Chuck Leddy

While everyone has heard of artificial intelligence and machine learning, not everyone understands how these technologies work and how they support successful marketing. In this blog post, we’ll demystify these technologies and outline four important ways they can help you better know your customers and enhance revenues/ROI.

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