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Abhi Yadav | 1 minute read

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5 predictions for customer analytics in 2019.                   

1. AI continues becoming a mainstream technology

Once emergent, AI has become mainstream and will soon be omnipresent.


2. Self-learning will become more widely recognized in customer analytics

A trend that will have broad industry impact in 12 – 24 months.


3. CDPs will continue to evolve and shall be a mainstream category of 2019

CDPs are broad and can have different interpretations. And, CDPs are trending in the direction of further sub-categories, as well as automating more than the traditional self service data collect & prep platforms.


4. Marketers adhere to a hybrid funnel model

Retaining and converting existing customers has already proven to have better ROI than acquisition marketing alone, and unremittingly becomes the main focus of marketers in 2019.


5. #CustomerTech will establish as a new technology category beyond Martech & Adtech

The current tech stacks are across the buyer's journey instead of focusing on self-learning customer lifecycle automation. But, the future of customer marketing is recognizing that customers want brands to be contextual and communicate with relevancy,


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