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4 Expert Articles on How AI Will Drive the Future of Retail

Prady K | 2 minute read


Recently, there’s been an increasing numbre of AI-oriented blog posts in support of omni-channel retail customer interactions. We’ve selected four of our favorites for this roundup and provided commentary on each. 

  1. Five Retail Tech Trends that Emerged at the ‘Big Show’

If NRF 2017 is any indication, the retail space is facing a massive transformation in order to keep pace with the new and evolving behavior of the omni-channel consumer. This is reflected in the popular topics discussed, such as AR/VR, Robotics, Location Beacons, and IoT-based applications. However, in this article, author Andria Cheng of eMarketer identifies machine learning and AI as the No. 1 trend. 

As Andria wrote: “The trend of using computers to learn about consumer behavior and pattern and adjust product marketing and discount strategy accordingly will continue to dominate conversations…” 

  1. How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing The Retail Experience For Consumers

This Forbes article highlights how “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing everything, from marketing to healthcare, and is the future of marketing.  Soon, marketers will leverage AI to better understand, connect with, and create superior experiences for consumers.” The article interviews, IBM’s first CMO, Michelle Peluso (previously CEO of Gilt and Global Consumer Chief Marketing and Internet officer at Citigroup). 

The article outlines the numerous ways AI can help retailers, and highlights the dynamic nature of consumer needsm along with the importance of individual personalization in successful marketing. This belief is central to us at DataXylo:   Knowing the customer is key. 

  1. Retail: the next big industry impacted by AI

In this article, Nicholas Ismail , tech reporter at Information Age, states that “the retail industry is on the brink of being revolutionized by artificial intelligence, redefining the way retailers engage with consumers.” In support of this revolution, Nicholas shares a Gartner prediction that “by 2020, 85% of customer interactions in retail will be managed by AI.” 

Nicholas predicts that AI will provide retailers an enormous opportunity to redefine shopper engagement, enabling them “to reach out to customers at a personal level, engage in deeper interactions and enhance their experience with the brand.” 

He also points out that AI isn’t just for the big retailers: “For smaller retailers that are worried about being left behind, the good news is that the barriers to entry are shrinking, with many smaller sites having success in using AI to power sales.” 

  1. How A.I. is helping retailers

This co-authored Venture Beat article, discusses the importance of AI in connecting both online and offline data to achieve greater results in retail omnichannel marketing. Their argument is that, “omnichannel customers have a 30 percent higher lifetime value than single channel customers.” 

The authors predict that the future of retail technology lies in solutions that are powered by machine learning, which can provide fast and intelligent automation as well as dynamic scalability. 


As all these articles point out, AI is the future solution to a variety of marketing. The most important of these challenges, perhaps, is making sense of the vast amount of customer data available. After all, technology changes as do shoppers, but customers still want retailers to understand them and their personal needs.

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