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Abhi Yadav, Zylotech co-founder and CEO was interviewed by David M. Raab

Jeff Whitney | 1 minute read


Zylotech co-founder and CEO, Abhi Yadav, was featured in a Customer Experience Matrix blog: Is MarTech Too Important To Leave To The Marketers? Author David M. Raab explores whether IT or marketing controls MarTech investment: 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Is MarTech Is Too Important To Leave To The Marketers?

 I’m still pondering the relationship between marketing and IT: what it is, will be, and should be. A few new ingredients have kept the pot boiling:

– A chat with Abhi Yadav, founder of Zylotech, a MIT-bred, artificial intelligence-driven Customer Data Platform and message selection engine.  Those roots made it seem a likely candidate for IT-driven purchases, but Yadav told me his primary buyers are marketing operations staff.  In fact, he hasn’t even run into those marketing technology managers everyone (including me) keeps talking about. On reflection, it makes sense that marketers would be the buyers since Zylotech includes analytical and message selection features only used in marketing.  A system that only did data unification would appeal more to IT as a shared resource. Still, Yaday’s comments are one point for the marketer-control team.

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