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AI: The Good, The Bad, And How to Avoid the Ugly

Joshua Santos | 2 minute read

The-Good,-The-Bad,-And-How-to-Avoid-the-UglyWe hear you, trust me

“I can’t keep up with accounts that we have in our CRM.”

“We don’t seem to know which of our customers are still active.”

“How can we keep our customers coming back to our store?”

These are just a few of the problems potential clients tell me they are facing when trying to find an effective CDP platform that gives them a 360 degree view of their customers. Ever since the buzzwords “AI” and “CDP” started getting thrown around and SME companies began actually looking under the hood of their own analytics, they now want access to real time data that tracks the actions of their customers. As many solutions are available to cleanse and unify customer data, it can be difficult to assess the one that meets all of your needs.

You can’t help but wonder

So how do you evaluate a solution that’s right for you? Look for these features:

  • AI
  • Deep customer segmentation
  • Propensity
  • Upsell/cross-sell opportunities in near real time
  • Ease of use
  • Integration with systems you already work with

Here comes the pothole

Think about this—and we all know how this story goes…You find a company that claims they can fix your problem. Then you have a demo meeting with them, followed by a second meeting with your outsourced decision makers and data scientists, but they don’t get it. Then you explain it to them again. This time, they try to dissuade you from moving forward because of high “infrastructure costs,” and you leave the meeting still clueless about who your customers are or what they’re doing.

Sounds painful, right?

Finally, You’ve Been Heard!

How about this instead: Try proposing a company with a true grasp on the multiple levels of customer segmentation and propensities within the life cycle of a customer—a CDP that is self-learning and improves as time goes on, and that understands how this can affect marketing efforts and equate to real dollars saved/revenue created.

Oh, and did I mention you wouldn’t have to rip and replace your lead management/CRM system with something completely new and obscure and cost so much more in infrastructure?

If you’re feeling a bit more hopeful now than you were before reading this article, share it around (thank you in advance!). If you’d like to learn more about what an AI-powered CDP does to identify what customers in your company are up to in real time, then feel free to send us your information on the form below. I would love to chat with you!

Joshua Santos is a Business Development Representative at Zylotech, where he facilitates onboarding clients and shares customer insights for the company blog. In his spare time, he enjoys beer fests, working on podcasts and expanding national conventions through the COO Alliance. You can often find him laser focused on a project with his headphones, blasting music from EDM to even Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin if the day calls for a mellow tune. Lastly, he’s a die-hard Pat’s fan.

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