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Data Myopathy: How to Avoid Undercutting Yourself

Abhi's Weekend Reads

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The Marketing Challenges of Bad Data

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6 Reasons Why Data-Driven Marketers Need a CDP

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Customer Retention vs Acquisition in Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Why you should care about RevOps

Customer Success Learnings from Growth 2020


The martech landscape is still growing

Has customer experience and customer success converged?

But what is RevOps?

Personalization today means understanding customer context

Revving your revenue engine with a CDP

What is all this buzz about the Julia Programming Language?

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How machine learning solves your customer data quality issues

Customer experience is the new battlefield

Common algorithms in marketing: Decision trees

The importance of alignment for ABM success

How to rev up your revenue engine

How to inspire customer-centrism within your organization

Machine learning can help companies avoid the commodity trap

What happens with companies that ignore customer experience

How revenue ops is a mindset of the next phase of B2B growth

Rightsize your martech stack with these 4 essentials

Self-Learning AI enables intelligent recommendations

Activate ABM with CDP

The revolutionary role of AI in B2B marketing

Becoming a highly-successful citizen data scientist: 7 key traits

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SiriusDecisions Summit takeaways: Get on the Revenue Operations bus & more

Predictive modeling techniques used in marketing

How AI and machine learning are impacting B2B: 3 great use cases for CDPs

3 Tips for achieving customer data quality

The age old dilemma to build vs. buy a CDP: How ZyloSales addresses it with prospects

Why machine learning matters to B2B companies

Leveraging customer analytics to reduce churn rates and grow marketing ROI

How the demand of customer obsession is causing marketing and sales operations to change

Understanding what your customers want is as easy as learning your "ABCs"

IoT data and machine learning: A powerful combination for marketing

Wolf takeaways from the Adobe Summit: Are you (customer) experienced?

How to put the customer at the center of cybersecurity marketing

Beyond marketing: The promise of customer intelligence for technology companies

How self-learning AI could transform marketing

Beginner's Guide: Making the most of a CDP

Helping your CEO bring digital transformation to your company

The rise of the citizen data scientist: How they collaborate with expert data scientists

GDPR and Explainable AI

How AutoML is shaping the marketers' world

Empowering the citizen data scientist: The democratization of customer analytics

Zylotech's commitment to balance for better

AutoML could help bridge the AI skills gap

Time to rebalance your technology portfolio for digital transformation

How to go from bad data to good quality data in your business

K-Means: A popular algorithm for segmentation

How to enhance the data you're receiving from adtech

Beyond February 14: B2B takeaways from Valentine's Day

Self-learning in customer analytics: A primer

Common algorithms in marketing

Marketers: do you know about look-alike modeling for segmenting your contacts?

The CIO and CMO are natural partners: Here's why

4 Tips for CMOs wanting to build a data-driven culture

Location data: a powerful resource for customer analytics

The evolution of relationship-centric marketing

Who controls the marketing stack in 2019? The CIO or the CMO

Less common AI terms marketers should know

What's driving the booming demand for customer analytics

2019 predictions blog

Gearing up for B2B marketing in 2019

What does individualism and relevance mean for marketers today?

Want to build an AI-powered marketing chatbot? You need the right data

Personalization versus relevance for today's customer

How marketing is better with AI

Wolf tales: Observations from the road

Python may soon be the most popular language in marketing

Where does #CustomerTech fit into martech? It's at the center

Why ecommerce sites can benefit from using an advanced CDP

Advanced analytics vs. artificial intelligence: How are they different?

‘Tis the season for what exactly?

Features CIOs should expect in a customer data platform

Marketing technology research papers worth checking out

4 ways AI and machine learning enhance the customer experience

Zylotech raises $5.5M to help drive the #CustomerTech revolution

The ROI of CDPs: Discovering which advertising efforts are paying off

Why ecommerce is a goldmine for customer data tracking

Open source libraries and tools data scientists in marketing should check out

Democratizing data: How marketers are joining the data boom

Wolf tales: Observations from the road

The CDP is not just another customer database

Nuances of Data Enrichment

Tired of doing marketing data prep work? Zylotech can help

Why every marketing organization benefits from having their data in order

Predictive analytics: A powerful tool for marketers

The new role of marketing operations and technology

How a data-driven approach predicts your buyer

A wealth of innovative martech tools are available today

How customer data revolutionized eCommerce, and where it's leading the industry

3 steps to engineer customer segments from social media data

Three reasons marketers should be enthusiastic about machine learning

How much is data decay costing you?

How relevance is changing the marketer’s role

Why Marketing Executives Should Care About AI: Part 4

B2B marketers fail to act in time

Understand The Implications Variance Has On Providing Insight Into Your Business: Part 2

Why Marketing Executives Should Care About AI: Part 3

Use Case: Customer data to support A/B testing

Understand The Implications Variance Has On Providing Insight Into Your Business: Part 1

Why Marketing Executives Should Care About AI: Part 2

Use AutoML to Make Your Business More Successful

Achieve Robust Customer Data With Record Linkage

Why Marketing Executives Should Care About AI: Part 1

What Gartner’s Marketer’s Guide to CDPs means for the industry

Got a reactivated customer? Don’t celebrate just yet.

The Mechanics of Predicting Customer Churn: Part 3

Strengthening Social Media with Customer Data

AI: The Good, The Bad, And How to Avoid the Ugly

The Mechanics of Predicting Customer Churn: Part 2

Customer Segmentation: The Key to Targeted Marketing

The Mechanics of Predicting Customer Churn

Data and Customer Loyalty: Part 3

How AI Solutions Can Benefit Your Business

Data and Customer Loyalty: Part 2

Prescriptive Analytics Vs. Artificial Intelligence

Data Quality Can Make or Break Your Campaign

Data and Customer Loyalty: Part 1

Personalized Marketing Meet Hyper-Personalization

Let’s Simplify Personalized Marketing

Here's What No One Tells You About Artificial Intelligence

4 Ways AI is Helping Marketers

Are We Moving Past The Price Tag?

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Data?

How to Compete with Companies Like Amazon

eTail West: A Recap

Is Personalization Actually Possible?

Meet Art Souza:  VP of Product Marketing

NRF Takeaways 2018

What Every Marketer Should Know About 1st and 3rd Party Data

AI For Everyone

How ZyloTech Can Save Your Christmas

Here's What You Missed At AI World

What's So Important About Data Quality?

ZyloTech Selected for Forrester New Tech 2017

Customer Churn: A Data Science Perspective

B2B Marketers:  Meet AI

The Future of Customer Centricity: DMWF Panel Review

What’s the Deal with Customer Segmentation?

AI, Marketing, & Big Box Retail: What You Need to Know

The 3 Types of AI: A Primer

Insurance Marketing: How Technology Can Help You Get Ahead

Talent Talk:  What Startups Should Be Looking For

Food and Beverage Marketers: AI is What You've Been Missing

Zylotech Highlighted at 2017 MIT Innovations in Management Conference

A.I. Powered Customer Data & Insights Company Zylotech Selected as Featured Startup at Startup Autobahn Global Innovation Group

Globalized Fashion: How To Use Your Data To Get Ahead Of Trends

Getting Caught Up On AI

Why The Banking Industry Struggles With Customer Marketing And How To Get Ahead

What Mass Retailers Can Learn From Mom and Pop Stores

Thoughts from eTail East

How to Keep Reactivated Customers Loyal and Engaged

5 Things Marketers Should Know When Pulling Together Customer Data

This Is Why Your B2B Data Driven Marketing Doesn’t Work and How AI Can Fix It

All Customers are Not Created Equal

How to Turn Your Customers Into VIPs

Simplifying the Customer Marketing Myriad with Artificial Intelligence

To Stay Relevant – Marketers Must Shift to an “Offensive” Data Strategy

Notes from the MIT Panel on “Crossing the Chasm from Big Data to AI in Customer Centric Enterprise Business”

How to Predict and Prevent Your Customer Churn

The Retailer’s Guide to Superior Customer Retention & Monetization

10 Key Steps to Total Customer Monetization

Zylotech CEO and Founder, Abhi Yadav, To Moderate MIT Panel on “Crossing the Chasm from Big Data to AI in Customer Centric Enterprise Business”

An AI Approach to Omnichannel

ZyloTech highlighted as AI powered Customer Analytics Innovator by Frost and Sullivan Report

Top 5 Takeaways from 2017 MIT ICT and MassINTELLIGENCE Conference

An Artificial Intelligence Primer for CMOs from a CMO

How the World of Customer Analytics is Changing

Zylotech Founder Abhi Yadav Will Moderate Tech Panel on Applying AI to Drive Efficiency at MassINTELLIGENCE, The Age of Machine Learning

Customer Retention vs Acquisition — The Great Debate

In The News: Zylotech Drives Retention Marketing… Just Don’t Ask How It Works

ZyloTech to Speak and Exhibit at 2017 MIT Information and Communication Technologies Conference

Abhi Yadav, Founder & CEO – Zylotech, interviewed by MarTechSeries

Data Is Eating The Enterprise

How to Make Customer-Centric Decisions in Retail

Zylotech CEO, Abhi Yadav, Interviewed by BBJ

Abhi Yadav, Zylotech co-founder and CEO was interviewed by David M. Raab

The Pragmatic Application of AI in Customer Marketing

eTail West 2017 Takeaways—The Data Dilemma

DataXylo Announces Corporate Name Change to Zylotech

DataXylo along with Co-Founder Iqbal Kaur will be participating in Venture Café’s “Female Founders: Making Boston the Best City for Female Founders”, March 2, 2017.

A Customer Segmentation Primer for the Omni-channel Marketer

DataXylo to Exhibit at eTail West and Forrester Tech Mixer

DataXylo’s co-founder and CEO, Abhi Yadav, Quoted in an American Banker Article

The Magic of Customer Data: How It Can Transform Your Business

4 Expert Articles on How AI Will Drive the Future of Retail