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How self-learning AI could transform marketing

Abhi Yadav | 2 minute read

Self-learning AI is a crucial component of our customer data and analytics platform (CDP). Self-learning AI enables our platform to learn about customers at each point of their journey automatically. It allows our platform to understand the behaviors that drive each customer and prevent churn. And it enables our platform to deliver highly relevant and personalized content to each customer at precisely the right time.

2019 predictions blog

Abhi Yadav | 1 minute read

5 predictions for customer analytics in 2019.                   

1. AI continues becoming a mainstream technology

Once emergent, AI has become mainstream and will soon be omnipresent.

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Zylotech raises $5.5M to help drive the #CustomerTech revolution

Abhi Yadav | 2 minute read

We are excited to announce our $5.5M Seed round, led by Glasswing Ventures, with participation from Geekdom Fund, Revel Partners and Rubicon. This funding round is a vote of confidence in our mission and accelerates the progress we are making in driving the #CustomerTech revolution. 

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Is Personalization Actually Possible?

Abhi Yadav | 3 minute read

What’s the best way to win over your customers and keep them coming back? Show them that you know them.

Consumers can often feel like faceless shoppers in a warehouse of goods.  This reduces their loyalty to one specific brand or store, and makes them more likely to alter their purchase behavior at the first sign of a promotion. The competitive advantage that companies like Amazon have lies in their deep and accurate predictions and personalization. Consumers ultimately want the companies they purchase from to provide them with promotions and products that are tailored to their specific tastes.

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This Is Why Your B2B Data Driven Marketing Doesn’t Work and How AI Can Fix It

Abhi Yadav | 2 minute read

No doubt, Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a big priority, thanks to modern AdTech companies, who have championed this. However, advances in data & AI technologies have made it possible for Marketing Operations to plan everything from an Account Based perspective. Despite this, many marketers still struggle with the challenges of data quality, fragmented reporting and sheer volume of martech stack silos. 

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