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Why every marketing organization benefits from having their data in order

Albert McKeon | 2 minute read

You're probably tripping over an abundance of marketing data: behavioral, historical, demographic, lead generation, social media. But at any moment, can you harness all of that information into an accessible, easy-to-discern stream? If not, you're just like any other marketer who won't realize your ROI.

Topics: Customer Intelligence

How a data-driven approach predicts your buyer

Albert McKeon | 1 minute read

Sure, many people are cautious about what they reveal online, going to great lengths to leave a light digital footprint. But many others don't mind that companies collect large amounts of data about them. They've accepted that data sharing is the cost of doing ecommerce.

Topics: Customer Analytics

How customer data revolutionized eCommerce, and where it's leading the industry

Albert McKeon | 1 minute read

It might seem like Amazon started ecommerce, but the beginning of the monetization of the internet happened in a rudimentary marketplace for used computers. In 1983, Boston Computer Exchange established an electronic salesfloor on a public access bulletin board system, giving people a vehicle to showcase their used computers and then consummate deals over the telephone.

Topics: Personalization