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3 Ways a CDP Unlocks Marketing & RevOps Success

Christina Tramontozzi | 4 minute read

This post answers three questions B2B Marketers and RevOps professionals often ask us about how to make the most of a CDP.

SiriusDecisions Summit takeaways: Get on the Revenue Operations bus & more

Christina Tramontozzi | 3 minute read

This year’s SiriusDecisions Summit, or ‘Summit’ as attendees fondly abbreviate it, highlighted the importance of cross-departmental alignment to drive a customer-obsessed revenue operations strategy.

The event opened with a keynote on togetherness, this year’s show theme, that highlighted the importance of the initiation of work. It’s no longer about having an amazing product but the right processes and systems in place in order to achieve high performance. It’s no longer enough to be good, said one SiriusDecisions analyst, but how organizations set themselves up for success.

Topics: Customer Intelligence

Beginner's Guide: Making the most of a CDP

Christina Tramontozzi | 2 minute read

Businesses are swimming in customer data. To make the most of that data and in order to create highly personalized experiences for their customers, business and marketing technologists are investing in CDPs (Customer Data Platforms). But having automation alone isn’t enough to drive successful interactions with your customers, CDPs need to be optimized in order to get the best results.

Topics: CDP

Zylotech's commitment to balance for better

Christina Tramontozzi | 2 minute read

Today is a Friday and close to spring. These are reasons enough to rejoice but this special day also marks the 2019 International Women’s Day. The annual celebration has a rich history dating back more than 100 years after a Women's Day was established following a women-led protest in New York of unfair wages, long work hours and the lack of voting rights. It eventually expanded to an international holiday after other countries recognized it as a national day to commemorate on March 8.

Topics: Customer Tech Thought Leadership

How to go from bad data to good quality data in your business

Christina Tramontozzi | 2 minute read

Every marketer already knows that data is their lifeblood. It’s our sauce to making effective marketing happen. Yet as data quality issues persist in B2B marketing, how to achieve good data quality doesn’t need to be a secret. With technology advances today, every B2B marketer can have good quality data.

Topics: Customer Analytics