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Personalized Marketing Meet Hyper-Personalization

Christina Tramontozzi | 1 minute read

It’s an exciting time to be a Marketer in the era of personalization. Consumers of our products and services want us to know them. Really know what makes them special. We collect this information and make it accessible as data points and available on demand through various tools we’ve invested in. Furthermore, we use what we know to relate to our audience. The message is clear – give consumers the experience they tell us they want or take the risk of lower engagement rates.

Topics: Customer Intelligence

Let’s Simplify Personalized Marketing

Christina Tramontozzi | 0 minute read

As marketers become more sophisticated with the ever-evolving set of tools, technologies, people, and processes necessary to use customer data within our databases for effective targeting, there’s still a major disconnect to use our data in a personalized way. We marketers use different technologies supporting different parts of the Marketing workflow, all requiring specialized skill-sets, stitched together in an ad-hoc manner.

Topics: Customer Intelligence