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Personalization today means understanding customer context

Chuck Leddy | 3 minute read

B2B marketers invest in marketing technology to gain customer insights and drive personalization to better engage their customers. While technologies like artificial intelligence and self-learning are the martech foundation of personalization strategies, marketers must also be aware of each customer’s evolving needs as they arise in context. Savvy B2B marketers don’t just collect personal data, but also understand how and when to use this personal data to engage customers in the right context.

Topics: Personalization

How an automated CDP is the foundation for better marketing

Chuck Leddy | 3 minute read

B2B marketers might understand what a customer data platform does, but may struggle with the next-level concept -- connecting what a CDP does with building a smarter, more efficient marketing operation. This post is intended to answer 6 key questions B2B marketers may have about how an automated CDP can make their lives easier and their marketing efforts better. 

Topics: machine learning

The importance of alignment for ABM success

Chuck Leddy | 3 minute read

Account-Based Marketing, or ABM, is a B2B strategy that deploys the most effective marketing tactics to engage key stakeholders in targeted accounts. According to What Is Account Based Marketing, Why You Should Adopt It, And How, “ABM doesn’t just call for alignment between sales and marketing teams – it forces teams to align because personalization at the account level requires sales and marketing to be in sync on account-specific messaging.” The result of such ABM-driven alignment? Higher marketing and overall ROI in a shorter time.

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How to inspire customer-centrism within your organization

Chuck Leddy | 3 minute read

Every organization says it’s customer-centric. Yet building a culture of customer-centrism is a massive undertaking because everything a company does, from product design to packaging to after-sales service to website design and beyond, shapes the customer’s overall experience. You can have the best marketing campaign in the world, but nothing ruins a customer’s experience faster than a badly-designed product or a late delivery. 

Topics: customer centric marketing

Rightsize your martech stack with these 4 essentials

Chuck Leddy | 4 minute read

As of this writing, there are over 7,000 martech solutions available, compared with only 150 in 2011. Having a big martech stack isn’t that big of a deal anymore. If you’ve got the budget, you can purchase loads of martech to do just about anything. But going on a martech shopping spree will cost you more than money: it may disrupt your focus. Try telling your customers, “we’re too busy buying and implementing martech to focus on you,” and see how that goes. Martech exists to help your B2B marketing team drive improved engagement with customers.

Topics: Marketing Technology