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But what is RevOps?

Courtney Porter | 2 minute read

Zylotech recently introduced the Revenue Operations (RevOps) Framework for B2B companies to ensure customer-facing teams address the customer at each stage of their journey. A revenue ops approach takes a holistic view and applies consistent metrics to assess what is working and what isn’t across all the ops teams involved in marketing, sales, and customer relationships.  

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The age old dilemma to build vs. buy a CDP: How ZyloSales addresses it with prospects

Courtney Porter | 3 minute read

The decision to build a CDP versus buy one is a conversation we have with many prospects. While this is the undying question for all technology, it certainly applies to anyone evaluating a CDP. What are the advantages, risks and costs associated with both. This blog shares our most common discussions around this critical question, and how we address them.

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