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Data and Customer Loyalty: Part 1

Ed Wolf | 1 minute read

At the recent Loyalty Expo in Orlando, hundreds of brands and practitioners from various industries came together to discuss best practices and new strategies for increasing the loyalty and engagement of customers. One common thread in the keynotes and sessions was the importance of data to truly understand the customer, and therefore understand how to keep the customer loyal to the brand.

Topics: Customer Intelligence

NRF Takeaways 2018

Ed Wolf | 3 minute read

Last week in New York, thousands of attendees visited retail's biggest trade show, NRF, and the massive event has left retailers with much to contemplate as they plan for another year of digital transformation, brick and mortar upheaval, and emerging technologies.

Topics: Customer Intelligence

AI For Everyone

Ed Wolf | 2 minute read

Where Are We Now

In the world of marketing technology (MarTech), 2017 can best be described as the year of AI.   While artificial intelligence and machine learning have been around in various forms for decades, the last few years, and 2017 in particular, have seen a dramatic increase in automated and AI-powered marketing.  This new type of marketing technology is allowing many customer centric businesses to shift their focus to data-driven marketing, and to communicate more effectively with their customers.

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Thoughts from eTail East

Ed Wolf | 2 minute read

Last week, thousands of the largest and most innovative retailers gathered in Boston for the annual eTail East Conference. Throughout the week there were a few key topics that stood out in the keynotes, tracks, exhibit halls.  Two trends, in particular, seemed to be on the minds of all the speakers, attendees and exhibitors alike: 

Topics: Personalization

How to Keep Reactivated Customers Loyal and Engaged

Ed Wolf | 4 minute read

Several weeks ago, we addressed the topic of preventing customer churn and discussed some strategies both for prediction and prevention of customer attrition.  However, even with an effective retention strategy in place, a certain portion of customers will churn.  It’s part of the nature of doing business.   Those customers are perhaps now shopping with a competitor, or their needs have changed, or their priorities shifted—there are a whole host of reasons for churn. Therefore, it is important to understand how to keep reactivated customers loyal and engaged. 

Topics: Customer Intelligence