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How to Make Customer-Centric Decisions in Retail

Iqbal Kaur | 3 minute read

A decade ago, when I worked at a multi-billion-dollar retailer, I was surprised to see how little analytics were being used across the organization. Having only worked in the data centric, financial services domain, I was shocked at the general lack of data, as well as the poor quality and inability to use the customer data that did exist. However, this was not an aberration.  The retail industry, in general, wasn’t data or analytics focused at that time. 

Topics: Personalization Customer Intelligence

A Customer Segmentation Primer for the Omni-channel Marketer

Iqbal Kaur | 2 minute read

Today the marketplace has become so crowded, that mass marketing alone doesn’t work when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. Also, spoiled for choices, customers have become more demanding and expect more personalized marketing messages. This is where it becomes important to segment customers and provide relevant and individualized messaging to win and retain them. 

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