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ZyloTech Selected for Forrester New Tech 2017

Joel Traugott | 1 minute read

BOSTON, Mass. (Nov. 29, 2017) ZyloTech has been selected to participate in Forrester's New Technology Forum 2017, and be a part of a select group of innovative companies whose technologies will set the pace for the digital enterprise in 2018.

Topics: Customer Intelligence

The Future of Customer Centricity: DMWF Panel Review

Joel Traugott | 3 minute read

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting a panel at the Digital Marketing World Forum conference at the Javits center in New York. The panel focused on customer centric marketing (CCM) and how a selection of four leading companies are approaching it.

Here’s a quick roundup of the panel, insights and key takeaways from each panelist.

Topics: Customer Intelligence

The 3 Types of AI: A Primer

Joel Traugott | 5 minute read

AI is a booming industry with a lot of noise, thought leadership, and hype. However, as we attend industry events, work with clients, and tell the story of AI for customer data, there’s one common trend. Many of the people we talk to only have a loose idea of what AI does, with little or no mind to what it is.

This post will serve as an easy to read primer on what AI truly is, and what kinds of AI are being developed/where things stand today in the ecosystem.

Topics: Customer Analytics

A.I. Powered Customer Data & Insights Company Zylotech Selected as Featured Startup at Startup Autobahn Global Innovation Group

Joel Traugott | 1 minute read

MIT spin-off Zylotech earned a place as a featured startup at the Startup Autobahn demo-day in Singapore on September 7, 2017. The award winning A.I. platform which combines customer data management with a deep-learning decisioning engine was the subject of a lot of talk as global brands in attendance learned how far A.I. has come in the customer marketing space.

Topics: Customer Tech Thought Leadership

Getting Caught Up On AI

Joel Traugott | 3 minute read

We’ve written a lot about the narrow applications of AI in customer analytics & marketing. But let’s take a step back and catch up on the field as a whole.

We’ve compiled a short reading / listening list with some notes to help you get up to date on AI and, specifically, how AI is changing the way companies operate. We’ve also compiled some ideas on how to apply these new technologies to your business.

Topics: Customer Intelligence