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How AI Solutions Can Benefit Your Business

Josh Fayer | 2 minute read


Implementing new technologies inside of an organization can present tough obstacles to climb. Businesses need to be sure that those technologies are worth the investment. In the case of AI-based solutions, they often are. According to Capgemini Consulting, 3 out of 4 businesses that implement AI-based solutions saw both sales and customer satisfaction increase by over 10 percent; 78 percent also saw operational efficiency increase by over 10 percent. What’s behind these numbers? What do AI solutions offer that companies couldn’t do before?

Topics: Customer Intelligence

Data Quality Can Make or Break Your Campaign

Josh Fayer | 1 minute read

In the business of data-driven marketing insights, quality matters. There are a lot of ways data can go awry and lead campaigns in the wrong direction. The logic is pretty straightforward: marketers use data to better understand and manage their relationship with their consumers. If this data misrepresents the population, so will the campaign. But how can data be faulty? What does it mean to have “bad” data, and what can marketers and data scientists do to set their campaigns on the right track? There are a lot of potential answers to this question.

Topics: Customer Intelligence