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eTail West: A Recap

Katie DeMatteis | 2 minute read

Last week, the Zyloteam attended eTail West in Palm Springs, California. The event ran from February 26th-March 1st and brought together innovators from across the country to explore the latest trends in retail.  The various tracks at the conference explored everything from omni-channel marketing, to VR, to AI.  Through all this, one thing was abundantly clear:  customer centricity is key, and mass marketing is a thing of the past.

Topics: Personalization Customer Intelligence

Meet Art Souza:  VP of Product Marketing

Katie DeMatteis | 2 minute read

Zylotech is thrilled to announce the appointment of our new VP of Product Marketing, Art Souza, who will guide the company's growth and product innovation plans.

Topics: Customer Tech Thought Leadership

Here's What You Missed At AI World

Katie DeMatteis | 4 minute read

“AI will be a layer across all facets of tech & business, much like the internet is now.” Rudina Seseri

This past week, the ZyloTeam attended AI World in Boston.  We saw robots and chatbots, hardware and software.  Companies from all around came to show off the latest and greatest AI technologies.  In case you weren’t able to attend, we’ve compiled a roundup of some of the more prevalent themes at the conference.

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What's So Important About Data Quality?

Katie DeMatteis | 2 minute read

Today, having large quantities of customer data is something businesses expect.  Using that data to facilitate marketing campaigns is also standard practice.  But, not all data is created equal.  And quality is greater than quantity.  Poor quality data will do little for your business, as the insights you pull from it won’t be rooted in reality.  High quality data has the potential to increase the results of your marketing in impactful ways—generating more sales and higher profits.  It’s simple:  Better data = better relationships = better customer experiences.

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B2B Marketers:  Meet AI

Katie DeMatteis | 4 minute read

Where efforts were once focused on producing mass amounts of leads, the aim has shifted towards fostering the right connections with the right people.  ABM (account based marketing) is one real life example of this movement.  It’s important to recognize that, with this change, certain things become more critical.  Customer data management, for example, is of paramount importance.  And, according to Gartner research, marketing within your current accounts is actually more cost effective than acquiring a new customer.

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