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AI, Marketing, & Big Box Retail: What You Need to Know

Katie DeMatteis | 5 minute read

What's Happening in Big Box Retail?

Shoppers are demanding more from their shopping experiences, and big box retailers must be innovative or risk becoming obsolete. With the growth of online shopping, the factor which once set big box stores apart from their competitionconvenienceis no longer a differentiator.  eCommerce sellers offer a wider variety of products, with easier navigation than one would find in store.  Because of this, many large retail chains are downsizing, or closing completely.  

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Insurance Marketing: How Technology Can Help You Get Ahead

Katie DeMatteis | 5 minute read

Customer Marketing for Insurance, Industry Challenges

The market is experiencing exponential technological growth, and some financial institutions are using new, AI driven technologies to keep up.  That being said, it’s tough to stay innovative in a sector ruled by regulations and compliance.  It’s also difficult to set yourself apart from your competition based purely on what you offer.  

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Food and Beverage Marketers: AI is What You've Been Missing

Katie DeMatteis | 5 minute read


Marketing for the food & beverage industry is not easy. Keeping up with changing consumer concerns and shifting modes of engagement, while also complying with industry regulations leaves many marketing managers scrambling.  Last year, your customers were buying “low fat” products, today they want the least amount of sugar.  Your customers who once shopped exclusively in store, now only order for delivery (Thanks, Amazon).  Keeping up with buyer’s beliefs and diet ideas is not easy.

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Zylotech Highlighted at 2017 MIT Innovations in Management Conference

Katie DeMatteis | 1 minute read

Zylotech Highlighted 

On September 27th, The Zylo team was featured at MIT’s Innovations in Management Conference where co-founder and CEO, Abhi Yadav, spoke about Zylotech and its applications in data curation and customer marketing. Zylotech's award winning A.I. platform combines data management with deep-learning insights for truly revolutional applications in omni-channel marketing.

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Globalized Fashion: How To Use Your Data To Get Ahead Of Trends

Katie DeMatteis | 6 minute read

The apparel market is one of the largest in existence, accounting for 2 percent of the world’s GDP, and valued at roughly $3 trillion. Every year, American households spend close to $2,000 on apparel alone and over 211 million of these shoppers make their purchases digitally.  In an industry this large, and this competitive, it’s hard to keep customers engaged and active with your lines.

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