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Customer Retention vs Acquisition in Account Based Marketing (ABM)

Pat O'Brien | 3 minute read

Updated blog on December 18, 2019. 

Coke vs Pepsi. Red Sox vs Yankees. Kirk vs Picard. iPhone vs Android. These mark some of the great rivalries of our time, and can always be counted on to spark a lively debate. Marketers, also, often face choices that can put them on one side or another of a hot button issue. Customer acquisition (obtaining new customers) versus retention (retaining and growing current customers) is one of these frequently debated topics.

Topics: customer centric marketing

Why you should care about RevOps

Pat O'Brien | 3 minute read

Last week I had the chance to have a great discussion with some fellow Marketing and Sales leaders in the Boston Tech Space. I truly enjoyed the open conversation and an insight into some of our toughest challenges. And discoveries into what is and isn’t working for marketers and sales teams as a whole. The biggest takeaway I found was that multiple individuals were discussing RevOps. This blog will explore what is it, why should we care and can we truly implement RevOps successfully?

Topics: Revenue Operations