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Activate ABM with CDP

Sandeep Koul | 2 minute read

When you review CDP features and ABM framework steps together, it’s easy to realize that CDP is the technology to best activate ABM for your B2B marketing.

Topics: marketing ops

Marketers: do you know about look-alike modeling for segmenting your contacts?

Sandeep Koul | 4 minute read

Through an example, this blog will describe a technique called look-alike modeling that can help marketers use data enrichment from sources they may not know about in their CRM to expand on their segmentation. Marketers can get better results when using this lesser known way of targeting lists.

Topics: Customer Intelligence

Nuances of Data Enrichment

Sandeep Koul | 3 minute read

We all agree about data decay in CRM, even with a conservative rate of 22% (based on average US company employee turnover rate) you might end up losing lot of marketing dollars not only as direct cost of managing dirty data but also as an opportunity cost of not reaching to potential customers.

Topics: Data Quality

How much is data decay costing you?

Sandeep Koul | 2 minute read

One accepted universal fact about data is that like many perishable things in world data too gets bad over time. There are many reasons why data decays - people change organizations, get newer designations, relocate to new places, assume new roles or in case of changing company structures through mergers/acquisitions or restructuring.

Topics: Data Quality

B2B marketers fail to act in time

Sandeep Koul | 2 minute read

Even with a sophisticated marketing stack, b2b marketers are inefficient in using data for decision-making due to delays between insights and action.

There is an ever increasing pressure on marketers to have KPI’s directly linked to revenue. Despite this, marketing teams are failing to demonstrate their impact. A recent survey in a white paper by Marketo shows that almost 61% of marketers say they are either fair or poor in this area.

Topics: Marketing Technology Customer Intelligence