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But what is RevOps?

Courtney Porter | 2 minute read

Zylotech_SiriusDecisionsTakeways_052119_header (1)Zylotech recently introduced the Revenue Operations (RevOps) Framework for B2B companies to ensure customer-facing teams address the customer at each stage of their journey. A revenue ops approach takes a holistic view and applies consistent metrics to assess what is working and what isn’t across all the ops teams involved in marketing, sales, and customer relationships.  

But what is RevOps?

“Revenue operations is not just a new buzz phrase but a core business strategy to take information from various disparate business silos to normalize, analyze, rationalize, and activate the data for the benefit of the larger business. This ability creates a new norm centered on the needs of the client, from initial product evaluation all the way through a comprehensive needs analysis of the client, and the requisite return on investment,” said Ross Nibur, director of revenue operations and strategy at Toast.

The RevOps strategy calls for full-funnel analytics and reporting that adopts the same metrics for marketing as it does for sales and customer departments -- that of revenue. A comprehensively and centrally-defined metric offers the antidote to what is known as vanity metrics, a problem common to marketing teams that invests in ad campaigns that do gain attention but do not contribute to a lift in revenue.

Under this new framework, different teams that had previously worked separately now come together to address the customer at each stage of the purchase journey -- from initial purchase to use to follow up purchase for renewals, cross-sells and up-sells. In the end this benefits both your customer and your bottom line. 

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what industry thought leaders have to say.

“It seems so obvious you wonder why companies have to discover it.”


Companies that keep in touch after purchases and personalize offers to customers help build up customer loyalty. With the RevOps framework and by using a CDP you can tell when a client might churn and how to get them back on track, which will once again increase your profitability.

“Now it’s all about customer loyalty...if they don’t realize the value guess what they are not going to stay your customer for long.”


Arguably customers are the most important aspect to any company. And in order to keep those customers happy you need to build on brand and customer loyalty. RevOps allows you to have a deeper understanding of your customer therefore allowing you to cater to your customer in real time. Customer loyalty can thrive by offering personalized recommendations through any channel and by knowing what the next best offer should be for your customers.

As the last stop in our video blog, Zylotech CRO, Pat O’Brien, shares why RevOps is important for your business. 

Video#1 Pat on CRO and RevOps


Read more about the Zylotech Revenue Operations Framework here.

Courtney Porter is part of the marketing team at Zylotech where she uses her background of digital marketing and experience working with tech companies. When not in the office, you can find her soaking up some nature and trying to tire out her rescue dog. 

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