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Data Intelligence for Improved Customer-Centric Marketing

Bill Neidlinger | 2 minute read


Adobe shared its Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing which focused on the trends and sentiment in the marketing industry of 2016.

Center stage in this briefing, is the drive to improve customer experience. Although it is reported that this has been a top priority over the last three years, the importance is continuously growing across the industry. The other top priorities outlined in the report all seem to be in service of improving customer experience; “creating compelling content for digital experiences” and “data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual”.

Throughout the various strategies implemented to elevate the customer experience, there is wide recognition that the key is accessing customer data. It is the foundation of every customer interaction, from targeted email campaigns to customer service.

In addition to acknowledging the significance of data in unlocking and improving a customer-centric experience, the report also notes the serious barriers that are faced across the industry. The ability to access, understand, and use data has proven to be too big a challenge, and existing processes and technology often struggle or are out-dated.

In fact, 13% of companies surveyed cite technological limitations from existing tools as the most difficult problem they face. The volume, the complexity, and the antiquated and manual systems are preventing marketers from accessing and leveraging  both existing and new data streams.

Having the ability to better understand clients, so that marketing efforts can be to the right customer, on the right channel , and at the right time is a general desire for all marketers. Data-driven marketing isn’t just the key to this customer-centered goal, but it is also seen as one of the single most exciting opportunities for marketers in the next five years.

Improving access to our client’s data streams and powering deep and insightful analytics is not just something that is new to us.  It is something that has excited and driven us since our inception.

While many insights can be gleaned from this report, the theme that is reoccurring is something we understand well; the importance of accessing insightful customer data/intelligence for effective customer-centric marketing. Clearly, this is something of growing in importance to industry professionals, and we at DataXylo are enthusiastic about the trend. We look forward to talking to anyone who is looking to make their marketing efforts truly customer-centric and a better overall experience.

What do you think about these trends? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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