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DataXylo Announces Corporate Name Change to Zylotech

Jeff Whitney | 1 minute read

DataXylo-Announces-Corporat.png MIT Spin-Off Unveils New Name, Website, and Visual Identity

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (Mar. 7, 2017) – DataXylo today announced a corporate name change to Zylotech. The new name reflects the company’s growth, broad expansion and learnings from a year of delivering superior results to a select group of clients, including top five retail and tech companies. 

In tandem with the new name, Zylotech is launching a new corporate website and visual identity, and will issue an industry announcement about its AI-powered platform on Wednesday, March 8, 2017. 

Founded in 2014 as an MIT spin-off, Zylotech is an award-winning customer analytics platform that enables companies to solve data quality issues and analyze all customer data continuously, in near real time, for superior insights in support of omni-channel marketing operations. 

“Our new name, Zylotech, embodies our strategic transformation from a service offering to a robust SaaS platform, and embraces that our clients have long called us, ‘Zylo,’” said Abhi Yadav, an MIT-trained data scientist entrepreneur and co-founder of Zylotech. “We have evolved our business after a year of excellent results and customer feedback to offer the first, and only, automated solution for advanced customer analytics.” 

The new name is effective immediately. For more information, and to schedule a Zylotech demo, visit 

About Zylotech

Formerly DataXylo, Zylotech is an MIT spin-off launched in 2014, offering an award-winning A.I.-powered customer analytics platform for omni-channel marketing operations. The platform uses machine learning to solve data quality issues and analyze all customer data continuously, and in near real time, for superior insights in support of omni-channel marketing operations. In a marketing world where improvements are measured by small percentage points, Zylotech clients have frequently reported a 4-6X lift in customer retention and monetization efforts. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, Zylotech leadership includes a high-profile board and advisory team comprised of PhD’s in artificial intelligence, data scientists and other marketing experts from the MIT ecosystem. Learn more about Zylotech and schedule a demo at

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