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DataXylo to Exhibit at eTail West and Forrester Tech Mixer

Prady K | 1 minute read


Cambridge, MA – February 21, 2017 – DataXylo, an award-winning AI-powered customer analytics platform, has announced its participation in eTail West and Forrester Tech Mixer, both to be held the last week of February. 

Powered by machine learning, the DataXylo platform enables retail and high tech marketing ops teams to leverage all their customer data with faster, deeper and actionable insights to strengthen customer loyalty, reduce churn, and boost revenues. 

eTail West

eTail West is where the top minds at America’s most successful retailers meet and learn.

“More and more omni-channel retailers are realizing that their current personalization efforts greatly suffer because of poor customer data quality and limited analytics,” said Abhi Yadav, co-founder and CEO of DataXylo. “DataXylo addresses these critical challenges with an award-winning AI-powered customer analytics platform. Our customers are seeing dramatic improvements in their personalization, monetization and customer retention.”

DataXylo will be showcasing at Booth S7 

Forrester Tech Mixer
The Forrester Tech Mixer began as an internal event tailored to Forrester’s own Technology Management department. The firm has now evolved the event and opened it up to analysts, clients, and friends of Forrester.

“Forrester Tech Mixer is a respected forum for emerging technology companies to showcase their innovations and network with some of the top technology analysts,” said Iqbal Kaur, co-founder & chief of analytics at DataXylo. “It’s a strong affirmation of DataXylo’s value proposition to be included in the event.” 

About DataXylo
DataXylo offers an award-winning AI-powered customer analytics platform for marketing operations, that generates superior customer insights in support of omni-channel campaigns and promotions. In a marketing world where improvements are measured by small percentage points, DataXylo customers regularly report a 4X+ lift in customer monetization and engagement efforts. 

About eTail West
Launched in 1999, eTail has been dedicated to supporting the growth of the retail industry. When it began, eTail had 100 people in attendance.  To date, it has helped over 2000 senior-level eCommerce executives learn and develop their company, as well as their careers. 

About Forrester Tech Mixer
The Forrester Tech Mixer was conceived by Forrester’s Technology Management team, and began as an internal event, to expose people to inspirational and emerging technology companies who would give businesses an edge in winning, serving, and retaining their customers. The mixer has now evolved to be open to analysts, clients, and friends of Forrester.

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