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DataXylo to Speak and Exhibit at 2016 MIT Consumer Dynamics Conference

Prady K | 2 minute read


Cambridge, MA – December 05, 2016 – DataXylo, a pioneer in applying AI in Marketing Operations has announced its participation in the 2016 MIT Consumer Dynamics Conference which will be held at MIT’s New Media Lab 6th Floor (E14) on December 7, 2016.

High tech and retail consumers operate across multiple channel as they search, make purchases and socialize.  This creates endless amounts of structured and unstructured data. Organizations that are able to rapidly leverage this data have  a huge advantage.  They are able to provide the right offers, and discover the right re-marketing strategies for the  right customers.  Unfortunately, according to a study conducted by VentureBeat, 80% of marketers are still failing to personalize their marketing efforts.

Through its patent-pending offering, DataXylo enables retail and high tech marketing ops teams to leverage all their customer data with faster, deeper and actionable insights to strengthen customer loyaltyreduce churn and boost revenues like never before.

Abhi Yadav, CEO – DataXylo will be addressing an enthusiastic audience at the Startup Exchange Exhibit with Networking Reception.

Without a timely and comprehensive view of the customer, businesses are unable to tailor relevant offers, resolve issues quickly and optimize customers’ experience across channels and throughout the customer life cycle. Creating a single & multiple view of customer should be a seamless, integrated and largely automated process and not an ad-hoc exercise” said Abhi Yadav, CEO & Co Founder of DataXylo, expressing his eagerness to be speaking at the event.

The DataXylo Cognitive Customer Intelligence Platform, uses advanced machine learning capabilities to identify, combine, clean, and enrich soiled data as well as customer-related attributes into actionable insights. Near real time machine intelligence combines with continuous data quality analysis to deliver dynamic segmentation and insights. DataXylo is true customer intelligence without having to use armies of data scientists and engineers.

About DataXylo

DataXylo is an MIT spin out started by a team of data science & database marketing experts, who held the belief that marketing thrives on innovation and creativity. Marketers can’t do this without the the ease to flexibility manage their data, or without decision and delivery engines that work towards monetization and predictive marketing from a bottom-up basis.

DataXylo, a patent pending Cognitive Customer Intelligence Platform, helps Omni-channel Marketeers clean, combine, and automate their customer data and signals, without too much dependence on IT.  The platform sits on top of companies’ existing Marketing Automation engines to produce cognitive action and results.

About 2016 MIT Consumer Dynamics Conference 

2016 MIT Consumer Dynamics Conference will explore the ongoing transformation of consumers in the digital era, reinventing best practices across industries from finance and marketing to manufacturing and medicine. It focuses on current supply chain trends where consumers are not merely the end users anymore in revenue generation widget. It emphasizes on how disruptions in technology, marketing, payment, analytics, and demographics have reformed consumers simultaneously into customers, critics, promoters, brand managers, beta testers, and entrepreneurs.

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