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eTail West: A Recap

Katie DeMatteis | 2 minute read

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Last week, the Zyloteam attended eTail West in Palm Springs, California. The event ran from February 26th-March 1st and brought together innovators from across the country to explore the latest trends in retail.  The various tracks at the conference explored everything from omni-channel marketing, to VR, to AI.  Through all this, one thing was abundantly clear:  customer centricity is key, and mass marketing is a thing of the past.

No Siloed Data

A thematic thread throughout the conference was the need to bring fragmented customer data together.  Keeping email data separate from in store purchase data can be wildly detrimental to marketing efforts. Craig Smith, founder and CEO of Trinity Insight, spoke to this in his opening remarks for the track, “Reimagining Online and Instore.”  He stressed the need to merge online and offline data in order to provide cross channel customer insights.  To fully understand a customer—and anticipate their needs and wants at any given time—one must have a comprehensive view of their actions, at all touch points in the buying journey.   

Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

Shoppers experiences today are more individualized than ever.  Whether a brand is sending offers via email or designing their website, it is imperative that the experience a customer has is the one that they want.  Noelle Sadler, VP of marketing at, shared how Lulus is using using personalized website content to drive their sales.  By leveraging AI, they have tested and modified the way that recommended items appear to customers and have optimized the layout of their shopping carts generate the most sales.  The company tracks customer behavior on their site, generating suggestions that are most relevant and likely to spark an individual’s interest.   

Be Authentic

It’s a no brainer that good personalized marketing comes from a place of authenticity.  This presents a challenge for many brands, who struggle to toe the line between creating enough content to stay vocal and creating content that will resonate with their consumers.  A brand needs to tell a story that their customers want to hear and integrate this story with their offers and promotions.  The deeper affinity individuals feel towards a brand, the more likely they are to stay loyal in their purchasing habits. 

The Bottom Line

Zylotech’s VP of product marketing, Art Souza, led a panel on using customer behavior analysis to influence future purchase behavior.  The consensus was clear:  Brands need to cater to their customers as individuals and build a real relationship in order to thrive.  Establishing trust and loyalty is imperative and comes from companies proving to their customers that they understand them—and can anticipate their wants and needs.  Companies like Zylotech help businesses offer their customers the right offers, through the right channels, at the right time, building their credibility and increasing revenue and retention.  If you’d like to learn more about our platform, drop us a line—we’d love to hear from you. 



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