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Getting Caught Up On AI

Joel Traugott | 3 minute read

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We’ve written a lot about the narrow applications of AI in customer analytics & marketing. But let’s take a step back and catch up on the field as a whole.

We’ve compiled a short reading / listening list with some notes to help you get up to date on AI and, specifically, how AI is changing the way companies operate. We’ve also compiled some ideas on how to apply these new technologies to your business.

Things to read & listen to


Naturally, you can start with a skim through Wikipedia’s AI page (although we know that Wiki isn’t the most reliable source for info). A key takeaway here is that AI is so broad, that it’s hard define. Going beyond the science fiction trope of enslaved godlike machines, the reality is more focused on purpose built AIs that are exceptionally good, fast and flexible at a few specific things. Whether that’s predicting product choices, parking a car or playing Chess, current generation AI is usually built for a specific use case. 

McKinsey Global Institute: Artificial Intelligence, The Next Digital Frontier?

In this McKinsey discussion paper, you’ll find a data backed and thorough overview of the AI landscape with a focus on business adoption and use. From the paper: “AI’s dependence on a digital foundation and the fact that it often must be trained on unique data mean that there are no shortcuts for firms. Companies cannot delay advancing their digital journeys, including AI. Early adopters are already creating competitive advantages, and the gap with the laggards looks set to grow.”

The Pragmatic Application of AI in Customer Marketing

From one of our advisors, this shorter piece takes a look at a specific use case for AI: Customer Analytics. Learn a bit more about how our own company is harnessing the power of AI to take customer data and derive high value analytics and decision management for enterprise companies.

If Your Company Isn’t Good At Analytics, It Isn’t Ready For AI

This is a cautionary piece, focused on some of the housekeeping a company needs to do before they can successfully implement AI. One major callout which is relevant to our own business is that a company needs a single source of truth in their data to feed the machine. We know this is a big limitation, and that’s why one part of our own platform pulls data from ALL of your sources and intelligently builds a single source of truth enriched with a variety of third party data for you before using that data in our predictive analytics engine. We built this way on purpose, so that a business does not need to slow down and take time out to clean, audit, and unify ALL data before adopting an AI solution.

Sam Harris w/ Max Tegmark: The Future Of Intelligence

Less business focused, this long form podcast is a discussion about the future of intelligence with a focus on AI. From paper clip making machines gone bad, to the enslaved god paradigm, this is a great primer on the philosophical and societal implications of the near future for AI. What if a society of 15 year olds enslaved you to manage their agriculture? That might be the perspective of a sufficiently smart AI kept contained to solve agricultural problems for humanity. What does it do then? A benevolent coup? This thorough conversation never bores in its discussion of some of the most pressing issues for our tech future.

Whats next?

Consuming some combination of the above resources will be a great primer if you’re curious about AI and it’s business applications. Our company focuses on a narrow application of AI into customer analytics and marketing, but this next wave of superhuman systems is something every informed business person should understand. 

If you’re interested  in seeing what AI could do for your customer data & analytics get in touch with us here to set up a quick call to learn more about what we’re doing. We promise our AI won’t try to enslave humanity, it just wants to help you engage, retain and monetize your customer base.

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