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How self-learning AI could transform marketing

Abhi Yadav | 3 minute read

Zylotech_HowSelfLearningAICouldTransformMarketing_04419_headerSelf-learning AI is a crucial component of our customer data and analytics platform (CDP). Self-learning AI enables our platform to learn about customers at each point of their journey automatically. It allows our platform to understand the behaviors that drive each customer and prevent churn. And it enables our platform to deliver highly relevant and personalized content to each customer at precisely the right time.

Thanks to self-learning AI, we have built a revolutionary CDP. And we believe that self-learning AI could transform the marketing industry as we know it.

What is self-learning AI?

Self-learning AI is an umbrella term for technologies that enable a system to become more intelligent over time. Self-learning AI typically involves machine learning (ML) technologies which allow systems to learn and gain insights from collected data automatically. A system driven by self-learning AI adapts automatically based on the data it collects as opposed to humans training and retraining ML models. A detailed explanation of self-learning is included in this blog post.

Self-learning AI could transform marketing

Zylotech is already applying self-learning AI to customer analytics, automating and enhancing the entire customer experience (CX). However, businesses could leverage self-learning AI to transform nearly every aspect of marketing.

Automate marketing orchestration

Customer journeys often start on one device and end on another. For example, a customer may begin their journey by viewing a website on a laptop but end up engaging with an application on a smartphone. Marketers spend a great deal of time planning and coordinating marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Orchestrating all the components of a marketing campaign to achieve a specific goal is difficult to do without some automation. With self-learning AI, most of the tasks required to orchestrate a marketing campaign across multiple channels can not only be automated but also enabled to learn and adapt based on real-time customer behavior and data.

Maximize recommendations and personalization

Most e-commerce systems provide recommendations based on historical customer data or use collaborative filtering which often results in recommendations that are not personalized enough or Zylotech_HowSelfLearningAICouldTransformMarketing_04419_subnot relevant. Self-learning AI enables a recommendation system to learn from the behavior of users automatically. With self-learning AI businesses reach customers on their preferred channels with highly personalized marketing campaigns at precisely the right time. Add computer vision, and a recommendation system could provide personalized recommendations based on the product images the user is viewing in real time along with other customer data. Visual search and image-based recommendations are especially beneficial for applications on smartphones and tablets. Mobile interfaces tend to emphasize visual components instead of textual elements.

Enable intelligent marketing virtual assistants

Chatbots are all the rage these days. However, 90% of the chatbots available today are rules-based which means they have limited conversational capabilities. Using self-learning AI along with natural language processing, companies could build intelligent virtual assistants capable of complex, natural sounding conversations. Intelligent virtual assistants could be implemented for a variety of marketing use cases. For example, a home improvement company could build an intelligent virtual assistant that engages consumers in lengthy conversations about choosing the best interior decorating products. A travel business could develop a self-learning virtual assistant that helps consumers plan vacations based on the data collected from conversations in real time. And reservations could be booked directly through the intelligent assistant.

Only the beginning

When it comes to transforming marketing with self-learning AI, we are only at the beginning. Customer data and analytics platforms will eventually evolve to include self-learning AI as a key feature. Machine learning will become a must-have marketing tool for every business, especially businesses that want to enable self-learning AI for intelligent marketing capabilities. Self-learning AI could transform nearly every aspect of marketing, and that transformation is already underway.

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