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How to enhance the data you're receiving from adtech

Albert McKeon | 1 minute read

Zylotech_Three tips for controlling your marketing data_021919_headerThere's no denying the many gains marketers can make by doing business on Google, Facebook and Amazon.

The vast reach of the three tech giants allows marketers to run advertising campaigns, seek marketplace opportunities and communicate with consumers on a scale they couldn't achieve with almost any other platform. By 2020, nearly 63 percent of digital ad spending in the U.S. will be on one of those three platforms, according to eMarketer.

But scale doesn't always translate to success. Google, Facebook and Amazon provide insight on how a campaign is performing within their respective systems but they offer very little information on how a marketing initiative is faring with individual consumers. If you're waiting for one or all of the so-called Big Three to open their books on true measurement and customer insight, you'll be waiting a long time. That's not to suggest you should abandon the Big Three. Rather, as you collect data Zylotech_Three tips for controlling your marketing data_021919_subfrom Google, Facebook and Amazon, your organization should enhance all of that advertising data with three supplemental strategies that will help you run more targeted marketing campaigns.

First, use technologies that dig deep into your data to capture and nicely arrange all of your customers' profiles. A customer data platform (CDP) does just that: eliminating, for instance, customers' duplicative email addresses and, for that matter, merging several duplicative records of the same customer.

The second workaround is how a CDP can be "smart enough" to help you consistently take action with your customers. Zylotech's CDP, for example, continuously learns, on its own, about your customers, analyzing what it learns and offering actions.

Lastly, a CDP – again, one like Zylotech's – will segment and analyze all of your data to present a rich 360-degree picture of each customer. By understanding the demographics, transaction histories and behaviors of each customer, you'll know exactly what to market and when, making it a natural compliment of adtech like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

Albert McKeon is a Zylotech contributing writer.

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