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SiriusDecisions Summit takeaways: Get on the Revenue Operations bus & more

Christina Tramontozzi | 3 minute read

Zylotech_SiriusDecisionsTakeways_052119_headerThis year’s SiriusDecisions Summit, or ‘Summit’ as attendees fondly abbreviate it, highlighted the importance of cross-departmental alignment to drive a customer-obsessed revenue operations strategy.

The event opened with a keynote on togetherness, this year’s show theme, that highlighted the importance of the initiation of work. It’s no longer about having an amazing product but the right processes and systems in place in order to achieve high performance. It’s no longer enough to be good, said one SiriusDecisions analyst, but how organizations set themselves up for success.What does it mean to deliver high performance today? Organizations that maintain focus on alignment achieve up to 19% faster revenue growth and up to 15% higher profitability than other companies, revealed SiriusDecisions. “It takes every team in the revenue engine to be good together to outperform.” It was further mentioned that alignment happens with respect, bond and trust.

How do you get there? According to SiriusDecisions, there are five A’s in B2B’s future: AI, accountability, atomization, authenticity, and adaptability, centered around customer expectations.

-AI: An increase of smarter tools and machines making more decisions means businesses need to balance technology use with creativity and humanity.

-Accountability: The deployment of technology and data in all aspects of the b-to-b experience inspires customers to demand responsible and relevant use of them. 

-Atomization: Companies must support niche audiences and hyper-personalization both pre- and post-sale towards customer expectations for meaningful experiences in every channel they use.

-Authenticity: Companies need to reflect the values of customers including to demonstrate ethical behavior.

-Adaptability: High-performance companies have to listen to customers, anticipate and embrace change, and build agility into the business, from strategy to infrastructure.

When alignment is the key to growth, these five points suggest direction that organizations can take towards getting there. It can also be read in all five that the future of B2B belongs to businesses who engage their customer.

As mentioned in a recent Zylotech blog, How the demand of customer obsession is causing marketing and sales operations to change, “That’s what it’s all about: getting the systems aligned for better insight and optimized results.” Further mentioned in the blog:

Revenue operations is about taking a more holistic, end-to-end approach to managing operations across your organization. What I’ve seen happen is a siloing in data structure and processes for marketing, customer, services, and sales teams. The problem is that you need data that will tell you the entire story in order to optimize your business. You can’t think of your operations teams as individual systems that work together — they need to work as one machine.

It makes sense to picture revenue operations as a moving vehicle. There are four teams – marketing operations, sales operations, customer experience, and customer success, serving “as the wheels that all need to be oriented in the same direction to drive the revenue ops bus forward. The key to pulling these all together and aligning sales, marketing, and customer success operations is to have them all centered around the customer.”

According to Zylotech’s whitepaper, This is the age of revenue operations, “Revenue ops reimagines the marketing, sales, and customer engagement processes as no longer linear but cyclical and centered on the customer. That means customer experience becomes critical across the buyer journey. Strategies include integrating account based marketing (ABM) that align sales and marketing with traditional lead-based marketing to reap the benefits available from tapping into a hybrid funnel. One of the essential tools for achieving the type of data integration necessary for revenue ops is a Customer Data Platform or CDP.”

“With a CDP serving to connect the different departments by centering them around the customer, it’s possible to bring all these views into alignment to achieve greater agility, efficiency, and consistency. That is what enables B2B companies to become more profitable and accelerate growth.”

Summit continued to pave the road of customer obsession, and it was no surprise to see so many CDPs present there. While it was mentioned that the majority of B2B organizations are unsure of how to fully realize revenue operations, it’s to be expected that Summit attendees will start to investigate the methods they need to achieve. Adhering to the Zylotech framework is one way. “Those who align the four wheels of the revenue ops bus will be able to effectively navigate their way to B2B success.”

Christina Tramontozzi leads branding & demand generation at Zylotech. When she’s not geeking out on the latest marketing trends and sales cycle processes, she keeps a beach bum profile in her seaside town. An avid health food junkie, she says that daily green smoothies help her to keep up with her little boy and two dogs.

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