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Let’s Simplify Personalized Marketing

Christina Tramontozzi | 0 minute read


As marketers become more sophisticated with the ever-evolving set of tools, technologies, people, and processes necessary to use customer data within our databases for effective targeting, there’s still a major disconnect to use our data in a personalized way. We marketers use different technologies supporting different parts of the Marketing workflow, all requiring specialized skill-sets, stitched together in an ad-hoc manner.

There are ETL technologies to source, clean and prepare data to data management tools to unify and dedupe records as well as business intelligence tools to create executive dashboards. Let’s not forget data science tools to predict analysis and marketing execution / orchestration platforms to manage marketing outreach activities. The amount of resources at our disposal are expensive and inefficient and ultimately an ineffective approach.

Imagine working with one platform that provides you with reliable and accurate data and complete analytics. Or, running messages that better target your customers on their funnel journey with you. There is a huge benefit to centralizing data in our workflows, namely the wins you’ll see increase in customer loyalty and revenue.

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