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Meet Art Souza:  VP of Product Marketing

Katie DeMatteis | 2 minute read

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Zylotech is thrilled to announce the appointment of our new VP of Product Marketing, Art Souza, who will guide the company's growth and product innovation plans.

We asked Art to share with us a little about his background, how how it drew him to Zylotech:

I’ve been working in the technology space for more than 25 years. Over that time, I’ve worked in a variety of different industries, running marketing and product management—from small start-ups to large corporations. For the last 10 years, I’ve worked in MarTech; spending five years at e-Dialog (one of the first major ESPs), and 5 at Epsilon as their VP of Products. In that role I was responsible for developing their new cloud marketing platform called Agility Harmony.

My two most recent roles gave me the opportunity to go out and meet with some of the largest marketing organizations in the world.  This exposure allowed me to understand the challenges and missed opportunities that these companies are faced with—and, ultimately, what drove me to be interested in Zylotech.

There are a few issues that are, almost universally, common about all marketing organizations.  Firstly, they are very siloed in the way they manage themselves, as well as how they manage their data. The customer data in their email marketing database is separate from their POS system, which is separate from their eCommerce system etc. Along with this, the data is oftentimes not even the same type. These companies are siloed not just from a tech perspective, but also from a personnel standpoint.  The email marketing team is organized in a different way than the eCommerce team, and these teams very rarely connect with one another—even though they all deal with the same customers at different touchpoints. Zylotech’s ability to unify all these data silos into one consolidated marketing database is solving this issue.

Another major issue these marketing organizations face is finding a unified customer identity. People today are using multiple accounts on multiple devices. I might have four email addresses that I access on my computer, my smartphone, and my tablet. I’ve also likely lived in a variety of different locations. All these identities are related to me, Art Souza, but being able to stich everything together, across all IDs and devices, and understand the 360 view of who I am isn’t something that’s available to the marketer today. It’s something that is constantly a struggle when marketers try to talk about 360 customer journey through the purchasing process. 

The last thing I noticed in my work with marketing organizations is that they are struggling for talent. They’re constantly in search of fresh talent, going out to big agencies to augment their staff, but can’t find enough people with the right expertise. They want to expand their teams, but the talent isn’t out there. The thing I love about Zylotech’s value prop is that it allows you to automate, and make smart insightful decisions, around who you should be marketing to, eliminating the need for some of that talent.  Even with all the available tools—BI systems, campaign management solutions, segmentation capabilities, MarTech solutions—in most cases the marketer is simply guessing about who they should market to and what offer they should make.

The marketing world has moved from a segmentation-based approach, where all customers were treated the same, to a personalized approach, where customers are treated as individuals who want a specific offer at a specific time when they’re willing to act on it.  That’s a huge value of Zylotech.  Our AutoML and can really understand what customers are interested in, the offers they want to receive, and when they want to receive those offers. 

In my opinion, this is the future of marketing. Using machines to drive deeper insights about consumers and allowing brands to more easily engage with those customers to develop deeper relationship.

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