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The Marketing Challenges of Bad Data

Melodye Mueller | 2 minute read

As marketers we’ve come to recognize that data poses one of our biggest challenges - specifically bad data. Our work relies on the ability to reach our target audience in a reliable and personalized manner. This requires complete and accurate information that is consistent and available across all our platforms and tools. In order to successfully execute our marketing programs, we need trusted data that is timely and relevant.

3 Ways a CDP Unlocks Marketing & RevOps Success

Christina Tramontozzi | 4 minute read

This post answers three questions B2B Marketers and RevOps professionals often ask us about how to make the most of a CDP.

6 Reasons Why Data-Driven Marketers Need a CDP

Chuck Leddy | 3 minute read

This post answers six questions B2B marketers often ask us about how an automated CDP can make their lives easier and their marketing efforts better.

Topics: Marketing Technology CDP Data Operations

Why you should care about RevOps

Pat O'Brien | 3 minute read


RevOps is a hot topic. With an “81% increase in RevOps titles on LinkedIn alone, RevOps is not just a buzzword but something companies are actively investing in and will continue to grow. But where organizationally does it fit? Is it just an extension of sales ops or marketing ops? Can those organizations morph into this role? This blog will explore what RevOps is, why companies should care, and explore whether the true definition of RevOps can be implemented successful.

Topics: Revenue Operations

The Shocking Cost of Data Decay - How Bad Data Causes Loss

Sandeep Koul | 3 minute read

One universal fact about data is that, like many perishable things in the world, it goes bad over time (unfortunately pretty quickly). 

Topics: Data Quality