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Personalized Marketing Meet Hyper-Personalization

Christina Tramontozzi | 1 minute read


It’s an exciting time to be a Marketer in the era of personalization. Consumers of our products and services want us to know them. Really know what makes them special. We collect this information and make it accessible as data points and available on demand through various tools we’ve invested in. Furthermore, we use what we know to relate to our audience. The message is clear – give consumers the experience they tell us they want or take the risk of lower engagement rates.

Just as personalization became a norm, hyper-personalization is replacing it as a way to reach our audiences in real time. Goodbye to broad reach marketing, and hello to accepting that today’s consumers have new expectations for marketing authenticity. To relate to our audiences now, it is critical that we leverage real-time analytics for when they visited our website, what they liked in an email, or even where we lost them in a digital campaign, and combine these with the more static metrics kept in our databases.

Stop settling for close enough and start being in the moment with your consumers. After all, they’re telling you that they want this level of relevance.

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