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Simplifying the Customer Marketing Myriad with Artificial Intelligence

Abhi Yadav | 2 minute read


Right now, "customer centricity" is one marketing's hottest trends.  Despite this, marketers are struggling to take their customer data and derive meaningful insights that facilitate true individualization.

According to the latest MarTech landscape by Scott Brinker, there are over 5000, marketing technology solutions currently available, making it difficult for marketers to decipher which are best for their specific needs. 

Add to this the challenges of legacy data management and data quality, and the prospect of finding a successful solution seems impossible– even if with the help of an army of data scientists. 

Industry Challenge 

Customer Marketing is spread across hundreds of sources, which leaves companies with customer data that is slioed and disconnected – leading to limited customer insights, manual segmentation, and fragmented reporting. Businesses spend more time trying to access and combine their customer data than they do reviewing insights and taking action. 

On other side of things, customers are overwhelmed with offers and will only respond to very contextual and timely recommendations through relevant offers and promotions. 


“Customer Heroism and not Technology Heroism”- Sangram Vajre 

It’s clear that AI is the only practical solution–a solution that will give us Cognitive Customer Intelligence, something that we at ZyloTech are committed to. 

Below are the 5 Key steps which AI can automate for business users–alleviating the worry around data, decisions, and science/IT dependency challenges–as well as some examples of how our customers have benefited from this automation.






We believe AI is unlike linear regression or predictive analytics, because it is a far more automated approach on a bottom up basis. 

Automated machine learning (AML) not only does the heavy lifting to automate data curation but–with embedded analytics through sophisticated self-learning algorithms and domain specific feature engineering–it enables seamless yet cognitive insights and recommendations which can power your existing BI or trigger campaigns through your favorite Marketing tools. 

AI in this form can empower business users to increase significant productivity, speed, ensure tangible ROI, and move beyond usual big data era chaos.

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