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6 Reasons Why Data-Driven Marketers Need a CDP

Chuck Leddy | 3 minute read

This post answers six questions B2B marketers often ask us about how an automated CDP can make their lives easier and their marketing efforts better.

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The age old dilemma to build vs. buy a CDP: How ZyloSales addresses it with prospects

Courtney Porter | 3 minute read

The decision to build a CDP versus buy one is a conversation we have with many prospects. While this is the undying question for all technology, it certainly applies to anyone evaluating a CDP. What are the advantages, risks and costs associated with both. This blog shares our most common discussions around this critical question, and how we address them.

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Beginner's Guide: Making the most of a CDP

Christina Tramontozzi | 2 minute read

Businesses are swimming in customer data. To make the most of that data and in order to create highly personalized experiences for their customers, business and marketing technologists are investing in CDPs (Customer Data Platforms). But having automation alone isn’t enough to drive successful interactions with your customers, CDPs need to be optimized in order to get the best results.

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