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Customer Success Learnings from Growth 2020

Joe Santangelo | 2 minute read

Customer Success is about putting your customers at the center of everything you do. Anyone in a customer success role understands it’s their job to be an advocate for the customer. We work for them.

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Self-Learning AI enables intelligent recommendations

Janet Wagner | 2 minute read

Recommendations are an essential part of marketing and sales. However, traditional recommender systems often produce recommendations that are not relevant or personalized enough. This post highlights some of the limitations of traditional recommender systems and how self-learning AI enables intelligent recommendations.

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SiriusDecisions Summit takeaways: Get on the Revenue Operations bus & more

Christina Tramontozzi | 3 minute read

This year’s SiriusDecisions Summit, or ‘Summit’ as attendees fondly abbreviate it, highlighted the importance of cross-departmental alignment to drive a customer-obsessed revenue operations strategy.

The event opened with a keynote on togetherness, this year’s show theme, that highlighted the importance of the initiation of work. It’s no longer about having an amazing product but the right processes and systems in place in order to achieve high performance. It’s no longer enough to be good, said one SiriusDecisions analyst, but how organizations set themselves up for success.

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How AI and machine learning are impacting B2B: 3 great use cases for CDPs

Chuck Leddy | 3 minute read

An earlier Zyloblog post described the multiple benefits CDPs offer technology companies, benefits that go way beyond “just” the marketing function. This post will explore why so many B2B companies are now choosing CDPs in the noisy marketing technology/martech landscape (now with over 7000 vendors), what CDPs offer them, and how they’re implementing CDPs for three important, marketing-related purposes: Account Based Marketing (ABM), ID resolution, and GDPR compliance.

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Beyond marketing: The promise of customer intelligence for technology companies

Chuck Leddy | 4 minute read

People get caught up in the differences among business functions, companies, and industries, but easily lose sight of commonalities. For instance, almost every business today calls itself “customer-centric” in delivering value through their business model.

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