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How to put the customer at the center of cybersecurity marketing

Ariella Brown | 3 minute read

Those who work in the cybersecurity business know that they have to keep up to date on points of vulnerability in technology to maintain their edge. What the ones who successfully market their products also know is that they have to adapt to evolving customer expectations in the highly competitive B2B market.

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Zylotech's commitment to balance for better

Christina Tramontozzi | 2 minute read

Today is a Friday and close to spring. These are reasons enough to rejoice but this special day also marks the 2019 International Women’s Day. The annual celebration has a rich history dating back more than 100 years after a Women's Day was established following a women-led protest in New York of unfair wages, long work hours and the lack of voting rights. It eventually expanded to an international holiday after other countries recognized it as a national day to commemorate on March 8.

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Meet Art Souza:  VP of Product Marketing

Katie DeMatteis | 2 minute read

Zylotech is thrilled to announce the appointment of our new VP of Product Marketing, Art Souza, who will guide the company's growth and product innovation plans.

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Talent Talk:  What Startups Should Be Looking For

Tanu Niwas | 2 minute read

In a world filled with numerous options, finding the right candidate for a job is both exciting and challenging.  When you are a young, lean startup with strong beliefs, it’s critical to find that “right match”.

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A.I. Powered Customer Data & Insights Company Zylotech Selected as Featured Startup at Startup Autobahn Global Innovation Group

Joel Traugott | 1 minute read

MIT spin-off Zylotech earned a place as a featured startup at the Startup Autobahn demo-day in Singapore on September 7, 2017. The award winning A.I. platform which combines customer data management with a deep-learning decisioning engine was the subject of a lot of talk as global brands in attendance learned how far A.I. has come in the customer marketing space.

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