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How customer data revolutionized eCommerce, and where it's leading the industry

Albert McKeon | 1 minute read

It might seem like Amazon started ecommerce, but the beginning of the monetization of the internet happened in a rudimentary marketplace for used computers. In 1983, Boston Computer Exchange established an electronic salesfloor on a public access bulletin board system, giving people a vehicle to showcase their used computers and then consummate deals over the telephone.

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Are We Moving Past The Price Tag?

Katie DeMatteis | 3 minute read

Pretend you’re sitting on an airplane. You purchased your ticket two weeks ago for business and are sitting in the middle seat. Do you turn to the person on the aisle and ask them how much they paid for their ticket? Probably not. We’re comfortable with the idea that people pay different amounts for the same flight.  So why aren’t we comfortable paying different amounts in retail?

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How to Compete with Companies Like Amazon

Katie DeMatteis | 2 minute read

Last year, some of the largest players in traditional retail closed over 5,000 stores, and this year the trajectory doesn’t appear to be slowing. Toys R Us, Teavana, Gap, and many other large brands are set to close hundreds of locations in 2018.  Large competitors, like Amazon and other online sellers, seem to be dominating the marketplace.  But what is it, exactly, that sets Amazon apart?  Although we’re seeing a clear trend towards digital purchasing, this isn’t the sole reason traditional retail is failing.  Here are 3 of the key reasons brick and mortar stores can’t keep up (and how to fix them):

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eTail West: A Recap

Katie DeMatteis | 2 minute read

Last week, the Zyloteam attended eTail West in Palm Springs, California. The event ran from February 26th-March 1st and brought together innovators from across the country to explore the latest trends in retail.  The various tracks at the conference explored everything from omni-channel marketing, to VR, to AI.  Through all this, one thing was abundantly clear:  customer centricity is key, and mass marketing is a thing of the past.

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AI, Marketing, & Big Box Retail: What You Need to Know

Katie DeMatteis | 5 minute read

What's Happening in Big Box Retail?

Shoppers are demanding more from their shopping experiences, and big box retailers must be innovative or risk becoming obsolete. With the growth of online shopping, the factor which once set big box stores apart from their competitionconvenienceis no longer a differentiator.  eCommerce sellers offer a wider variety of products, with easier navigation than one would find in store.  Because of this, many large retail chains are downsizing, or closing completely.  

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