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Talent Talk:  What Startups Should Be Looking For

Tanu Niwas | 2 minute read


In a world filled with numerous options, finding the right candidate for a job is both exciting and challenging.  When you are a young, lean startup with strong beliefs, it’s critical to find that “right match”.

The Candidate

Let’s take a look at the core values we believe are most important in an aspiring candidate. We have identified three key strengths we think are integral when it comes to being a part of any tech startup.

  1. Passion to build
  2. Hunger to grow fast
  3. Learning & unlearning agility

Passion is a career driving force for any individual. What are they chasing in their life? Do they have a clear sense of motivation, or are they simply looking for a “for now” job? Passion is the string which joins the individual to their goals and pushes them to be their best. It has a limitless scope towards ensuring tangible results.

Hunger, by its virtue, is a driving force for every living being.  They say, “Rome was not built in a day” but they also say, “the world is built by impatient people”.  Larger enterprises provide an amazing experience, but many of them have a limited scope of exposure, and learning is confined to a single area.  That’s where a startup has its key advantage.  You can be a street fighter one day and a corporate ninja the next.  Your impact can be seen across various areas and you can learn management, organization, and leadership skills first hand. So it all boils down to, how hungry you are?

Learning and un-learning agility is critical in our current world, where traditional frameworks and models are ever-changing.  Every step, decision, or style is now contextual and dependent across geography, industry, function, situation et al.  In an innovative startup environment. where goal posts are changing every week, one learns a habit of continuous learning and un-learning—a skill critical to success. 

The Company

Now, let’s look at this from the perspective of a start-up and what they need in a candidate, beyond defined KRA and role expectations.

  1. Integrity and value system
  2. Attitude and character over skills
  3. Team dynamics

Needless to say, companies look for people who are experts of something.  In and of itself, this is a great idea, but what if you see someone who possesses incredible tech skills, but may lack integrity, or challenges the company values? This is a major red flag.  Hiring someone who is intelligent and possesses the right disposition can actually yield better results than hiring an expert who will be difficult to work with.

Startup environments can be extremely stressful.  We spend the majority of our week in the office with our co-workers and a positive minded, happy disposition is crucial. If we inspire our peers, don’t tear one another down, take ownership of things, and work together to build a positive culture, a company’s likelihood for success goes up significantly.

The Team

Next let’s look at team dynamics.  Each piece of a machine is different, but working together creates something powerful. Everyone is skilled at something, and everyone has some shortcomings.  A team’s ability to complement one another, fill in where it is needed, and inspire each other is critical.

At ZyloTech, we take the above things very seriously.  We know our values, and we think it is important to work with people who possess humility, kindness, reflection, and a hunger to grow.

Last, but not least, we're hiring! So, feel free to get in touch.

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