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The Magic of Customer Data: How It Can Transform Your Business

Jeff Whitney | 0 minute read


This article, written by DataXylo CMO, Jeff Whitney, was published on CMSWire. is a popular web magazine published by Simpler Media Group, Inc. Their daily updates keep tech experts in the know about Customer Experience Management, Digital Marketing, Social Business and Enterprise Information Management. 

Founded by Brice Dunwoodie in 2003, CMSWire has drawn together an audience of digital marketers, collaboration experts and information managers. CMSWire has its audience comprised of 800,000+ quarterly readers and 400+ content contributors. It keeps its readers informed of the latest twists, turns, and trends that industry talks about. 

In the article Jeff discusses how having “a deep understanding of your customer that comes from analyzing unstructured data and browsing behavior, along with demographics and purchase history can allow retailers and CPG manufacturers to influence these paths for favorable outcomes.” 

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