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The martech landscape is still growing

Janet Wagner | 3 minute read

Zylotech_The Martech Landscape it Still Growing_082219_headerThis year marks the eighth release of Scott Brinker’s annual Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic. The size of the martech landscape is amazing, and it’s still growing. The 2018 supergraphic charts 6,829 marketing technology solutions. The 2019 supergraphic features 7,040 martech solutions sorted into more than four dozen categories; and there are hundreds, if not thousands, of martech solutions that aren’t included. Every year, marketers have more martech solutions to choose from. So today, we’re taking a look at a few martech solution categories: conversational marketing and chat, call analytics and management and collaboration.image1Infographic Credit:

Conversational marketing and chat

The category of bots (bots and live chat) was first included in the 2018 martech supergraphic. This year, the bots category was updated to reflect the rising trend of conversational marketing. Today, many B2B and B2C companies in a variety of industries are actively developing conversational marketing campaigns. Conversational marketing campaigns often involve building industry-specific chatbots. Search online, and you can find chatbots for industries such as travel, healthcare, marketing, and banking. Some of the companies included in this category provide tools that enable users to build engaging chatbots that can be integrated with apps and websites with a few lines of code. Some chatbot building platforms enable users to build chatbots for specific channels like Facebook, Telegram and Slack. Companies today can choose to build a chatbot entirely in-house or speed up development by integrating a third-party chatbot solution.

Call Analytics and Management

Marketers tend to focus on digital channels such as company websites, social media websites, mobile apps, and email. However, call centers are still widely used by customers of companies in a variety of industries such as banking, healthcare, telecom, and travel. Most of the tools included in the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic are designed for different types of digital marketing. However, the supergraphic does include some martech tools that focus on call center analytics and management. Some call analytics platforms track and analyze calls in real time, and most analyze historical call logs. Some of these platforms use AI to analyze call data and perform tasks such as search for specific keywords and topics, determine caller intent and sentiment, and classify calls based on outcomes. The world may be mostly digital now, but phone call data can be a great resource for customer analytics and marketing campaigns.


Collaboration tools in the martech landscape vary widely in focus and features because of the many ways colleagues and customers choose to communicate. Marketers can find collaboration tools that include multiple methods of communication, such as text chat/messaging, video or phone conferencing, discussion boards, and email. File sharing, file management, group calendars, and task lists are also popular features when it comes to collaboration tools for marketing. Thanks to modern collaboration tools, marketing teams can collaborate on projects effectively and in real time, whether team members are in the same location or scattered all over the world. 

It's an exciting time for marketers

No matter what type of marketing campaign you’re working on, odds are, a martech solution is available that could help you achieve your goals. Looking to streamline customer engagement practices via RevOps? Want to improve customer engagement via intelligent chatbots? Need to activate ABM for your B2B marketing? You can find martech solutions for these marketing goals and many more- the possibilities are endless when it comes to customer analytics and marketing.

Janet Wagner is a Zylotech contributing writer.

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