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Understand The Implications Variance Has On Providing Insight Into Your Business: Part 2

Andrew Malinow, PhD | 1 minute read

varianceTo effectively leverage data to inform business decisions, we must create visualizations that reveal interesting data points or trends in the data. While a determination of what is interesting will vary from use-case to use-case, creating visualizations that surface variance in a data set is a central tenet of an analytic workflow where we hope to move from directional to actionable insight.

You will recall our rather boring Lemonade sales from last weekusing a standard bar chart, our data looked like this:


Here are some alternate visualizations that are designed to show variance…and inspire hypothesis generation, testing, and purposeful exploration. If you have a favorite/least favorite, please leave a comment!

Line Chart


Scatter Plot with Box Plot






Calendar 2


Andrew Malinow, PhD, leads the Data Science team at Zylotech, where he leverages his background as a Cognitive Psychologist, statistical expertise and passion for surfacing actionable insights from large, messy data sets. At home he loves to spend time with his wife and 4 kids, doing anything outdoors, and tending to his ever-growing flock of chickens on his farm in Pomfret, CT.

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