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What does individualism and relevance mean for marketers today?

Albert McKeon | 1 minute read

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You can't consistently fool customers. You might be able to make a generalized offer once in a while, but if you regularly speak to a mass audience, customers will realize you lack the necessary insight to create relationships that are centered on individualism and achieve relevance.

The individual needs of a customer come first, but the means and circumstances behind these needs constantly change. Just because a B2C customer purchases 100 of your products every spring doesn't mean that will again happen the following spring. A wide array of factors could lessen that need or – hopefully – make the need greater. An individualized customer relationship means anticipating that need and making an offer that has relevance.

Segmenting those customers into personas helps you identify where they are on the many key touchpoints on their respective journeys. And that kind of knowledge comes only when you have a unified profile of each customer: demographic data that shows who, what and where they are; transactional data that reveals what they've purchased in the past and how that shapes the present; and behavioral data that reviews the many internal and external circumstances that might influence purchasing decisions. 121418_Social media_sub

It sounds simple, but many marketers aren't finding it easy. Simply put, they often have too much data on their customers, and it's too disconnected to form the patterns necessary for segmentation.

The solution to that problem is simple: AI-driven customer intelligence automation. A customer analytics platform, like the one Zylotech offers, establishes trust-worthy metrics, provides insights on a timely basis and continuously analyzes complete, rather than partial, data sets. With your customers properly segmented, marketing and sales becomes a continuous process that creates individualism and achieves optimal relevance.

Albert McKeon is a Zylotech contributing writer.

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