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Why Marketing Executives Should Care About AI: Part 4

Josh Fayer | 2 minute read


Last week’s blog post broke down how to evaluate your data stack, and what to expect from the process of integrating new AI technology into your MarTech stack. Today’s blog will talk about the results that AI will give you for running your stack more efficiently and accurately. 

AI technologies help to make your marketing stack more efficient and robust, and create less strain on resources than more traditional analytic technologies. That much is well-established among the global community of marketers. But on implementing a new system, what, specifically, should you be looking for in the ways of improvements, and how can you best represent these metrics in reports? AI improves your technologies across a whole host of areas—it can help make your department more agile, can help your company recognize greater revenue, and can generate deeper intelligence for your business.

Agility is key

In an ever-changing marketplace, you need to be able to keep up with the times as they’re happening. Reactive decision-making no longer will suffice for marketing teams. AI helps with agility by keeping your data stream as short as possible. Without automated and continuous processing of data, you could be bottle-necked by human data scientists working normal business hours or by the inability for marketing teams to react fast enough to new information. AI can help your marketing team turn information to insights in as short a period of time as possible, 24/7.

Revenue recognition

Business is driven by a bottom line. Marketers can sometimes have a hard time justifying their efforts if the causal nature between marketing and revenue isn’t a clear one. With AI, you can map each customer’s journey, from first engagement to conversion. More traditional systems couldn’t possibly keep up with this flow of data and manage individual records with this level of detail. Understanding how your marketing efforts relate specifically to customer journeys and what steps should be taken to drive customers to buy are important benefits of AI systems.

Understand your customers and your business

Artificial intelligence can generate some very real insights. Understanding your data flow, your customers, and your campaigns helps you to run a smooth, efficient, and successful marketing team. AI can gain intelligence on all of these fronts and more. AI increases access for citizen data scientists, so you can be more hands-on than ever, even without advanced training.

Bottom line

Your marketing team can probably already do most of the things AI does—but some of this might just be scraping by. The speed, agility, and depth of insights from emerging martech tools will help you run your stack more efficiently and more accurately than even the best human team of marketers and data scientists ever could.

Josh Fayer manages Marketing Communications at Zylotech, where he brings an extensive background in public relations and computer science. Josh Loves music! He sings with an a cappella group, Orange Appeal, (whose recent album Unpeeled he shamelessly plugs at work), and at home he loves to mess around with a variety of instruments. Josh enjoys spending quality time with his adorable dog, and exploring around his new home near the South Shore of Boston.

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