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ZyloTech highlighted as AI powered Customer Analytics Innovator by Frost and Sullivan Report

Iqbal Kaur | 2 minute read


Cambridge, Mass. (May 22, 2017) – ZyloTech, has been prominently featured in a new Stratecast report from Frost & Sullivan titled, “Customer Acquisition Is Only the Beginning: Companies Need Comprehensive Customer Analytics to Retain and Monetize the Customers They Acquire.” The research report, written by Senior Industry Analyst of Big Data Analytics, Jeff Cotrupe, examines the dynamics and challenges that exist between customer acquisition and post-acquisition, and argues for a focus on customer monetization and retention marketing beyond customer acquisition. 

The report highlights how current data and insight challenges limit the ability of marketers and business users to focus on total customer monetization. Current corporate mindsets, IT dependencies, dependency on data scientists, and lack of tools for business users makes it difficult to leverage all customer data in a timely way, and limits effective customer remarketing and monetization. 

“Frost and Sullivan recognized that ZyloTech’s Automated Machine Learning (AML)—which not only curates customer data, but also ensures continuous insights—enables marketers to focus on campaigns and marketing automation, without worrying about data quality, insights and data challenges,” said Abhi Yadav, CEO of ZyloTech. “The ZyloTech platform allows customers to continually engage and monetize their existing customers in a hyper personalized way.” 

“We are honored to be selected and recognized by Frost and Sullivan,” said Jeffrey Whitney, CMO at ZyloTech. “Given that people are getting used to the level of personalization set by Amazon and Netflix, it’s imperative for a B2B or B2C marketer to treat their customers individually beyond the traditional lead-nurturing mindset.” 

Given advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) technology and big data-led insights, the report reminds businesses to focus on customer monetization and retention, urging them to go beyond customer acquisition and a lead-funnel mindset, to customer-centricity—while empowering business users. 

A complimentary copy of the full Frost and Sullivan Stratecast report is available for download here. 

About ZyloTech

ZyloTech, formerly DataXylo, is the first AI-powered customer analytics platform for omni-channel marketing operations. Launched in 2014 as an MIT spin off, the platform uses automated machine learning to solve data curation challenges and bring out deeper insights from all your customer data continuously, and in near real time, for superior levels of personalization.  This is enabled through your favorite campaign tool, and generated continuous customer intelligence for the business. 

In a marketing world where improvements are measured by small percentage points, ZyloTech clients have frequently reported a 4-6X lift in customer retention and monetization efforts. Learn more about ZyloTech and schedule a demo at

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