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Zylotech Highlighted at 2017 MIT Innovations in Management Conference

Katie DeMatteis | 1 minute read

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Zylotech Highlighted 

On September 27th, The Zylo team was featured at MIT’s Innovations in Management Conference where co-founder and CEO, Abhi Yadav, spoke about Zylotech and its ZyloTech AI MIT Dataapplications in data curation and customer marketing. Zylotech's award winning A.I. platform combines data management with deep-learning insights for truly revolutional applications in omni-channel marketing.

The event featured a variety of future thinking, innovative tech start-ups and the program blended technological savvy, results-oriented management solutions, and global business know-how.  Attendees came from a variety of industries and positions, but all faced a similar challenge:  vast amounts of data, with little to no ability to manage it or derive insights.

With Zylotech, data is sourced from both internal and external sources before it is unified and enriched for true accuracy.  After the clensing process is finished, an A.I. engine inputs this data is into a machine learning based decisioning engine that empowers marketing ops and customer loyalty work, in real-time, increasing customer monetization, retention, LTV, and reducing churn.

About MIT’s Industrial Liason Program

The MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) is dedicated to creating and strengthening mutually beneficial relationship between MIT and corporations worldwide. Established in 1948, the ILP continues to be a key player in making industrial connections for MIT. Over 200 of the world's leading companies partner with the Industrial Liaison Program to advance research agendas at MIT (FY15). With continued acceleration of advances in technology and knowledge discovery, and a more demanding corporate funding environment, the ILP is committed to creating productive interactions with industry. The ILP continually evolves to meet the interest, needs, and aspirations of MIT faculty and corporate partners.

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