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A.I. Powered Customer Data & Insights Company Zylotech Selected as Featured Startup at Startup Autobahn Global Innovation Group

Joel Traugott | 1 minute read

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MIT spin-off Zylotech earned a place as a featured startup at the Startup Autobahn demo-day in Singapore on September 7, 2017. The award winning A.I. platform which combines customer data management with a deep-learning decisioning engine was the subject of a lot of talk as global brands in attendance learned how far A.I. has come in the customer marketing space.

Most brands in attendance face a similar issue, too much data, in too many places and not enough time and data scientists to leverage more than 10-15% of available customer data.

Zylotech’s solution leverages access to named data in both internal and external environments to enrich and unify ALL of a global organization's customer data sources. Once the A.I. generated data engine is running with minimal human intervention, the data is then fed into a machine learning based decisioning engine to empower marketing opps and customer loyalty to work with real-time, high probability predictive models to increase monetization, retention and LTV for a company's customer base.

About Startup Autobahn

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We are a neutral innovation platform moderating an in-depth and curated collaboration between our 

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